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Electricity access: Changing life of a young mother

Married at a very young age of 17, Sita Maya Tamang (26) lives with her four children and husband in a remote village named Baguwa in Mahottari District. Although the village was connected to the grid facility, her family was deprived from grid electricity due to their weak financial situation. So, the family had to completely rely on kerosene lamp as the only source of energy used for lighting which made it difficult for her to carry on with daily household chores. She recalls an incident which nearly took the life of her new-born as vividly as if it was yesterday “my son was only 7 days old when he was stung by a centipede which resulted in extreme swelling and made him unconscious for a day. He did not eat anything for the next 24 hours. As there was no electricity, I was not able to see the insect which bit him”.

EnDev in coordination with Shree Sagun Community Rural Electrification Entity in Mahottari district supported Sita Tamang and other 105 marginalized families to get access to grid electricity through grid densification program. With access to electricity, the life of Sita Tamang has changed for better. Holding her child  with a bright smile she says " Now I can do my household chores in less time, my childern are safe and can study in the evening as well".