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Empowering Wheels of Change: A Family's Journey to Economic Independence and Eco-Friendly Transportation

In picturesque Utar Ladaura, Banke, Nepal, Hasta Bahadur Birkatha Magar, a 55-year-old former driver, faced 1.5 years of unemployment. His wife, Sanu Maya, secured a loan from a revolving fund credit facility in Digiya via the Grid Extension Revolving Fund by GIZ/EnDev. With €2,081, they invested in an e-rickshaw, boosting income generation, and electricity access in their home, and providing eco-friendly transportation to the community.

Hasta Bahadur's daily trips as an e-rickshaw driver increased his income to €8, surpassing less than €1 daily battery charging cost. This entrepreneurial move brought economic independence to the couple, ending reliance on their sons. Sanu Maya proudly shares, "Each day, my husband earns enough, which I am utilizing for our daily needs and to repay our loan." Offering transport services with e-rickshaws positively impacts the environment and reduces dependence on fossil fuels. The Magar family's success inspired other rickshaw drivers, contributing to e-mobility's positive effects on the local economy and environment.

 Hasta Bahadur Birkatha Magar charging the e-rickshaw at his home.