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Electricity access: Journey of a budding entrepreneur

Rakesh Magar (23), an indigenous youth and resident of Dang in the Terai region, had to drop out of college to support his family of three. His idea: to start a poultry farm from sensing the demand for poultry products in the nearby towns. With little savings of his own, he relied on his mother's savings majorly to start housing 500 broiler chickens on a small land leased from his extended family. With limited capital (€5,625) to work with, the entire construction and electrical setup was done in-house. What was missing was the connection to the national grid. EnDev’s densification grant support to leave no one behind came as a boon for this would-be-entrepreneur struggling with financial constrains inhibiting the farm to benefit from the grid. Access to electricity allowed Rakesh to equip his farm with heat lamps and fans which minimizes the risk of diseases and results in higher yields. This family run business with recent good fortune has already scaled up its business with the construction of a second shed and for his future Rakesh plans to increase his housing capacity for chickens even further.